Celebrate Recovery at New Life Community

There are no perfect people here! We are a group of individuals that have found healing from life’s hurts, habits, and hang ups, through the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ and the Celebrate Recovery program.

What is Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery is a faith based Christ - Centered program where you can find freedom from life’s hurts, hang ups, and habits. This experience allows you to be changed by opening the door to our experiences,  strengths, and hopes with each other.  In addition,  we become willing to accept God’s grace in solving our problems. By working and applying these Biblical principles we begin to grow spiritually.  We become free from our addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors. This freedom creates peace, serenity and joy.  More importantly,  it creates a stronger personal relationship with God.  As you progress through the program, you will discover the personal, loving and forgiving Higher power--Jesus Christ.

Save The Date!

Hello forever family! We are getting ready for an evening filled with hope! Come and enjoy a BBQ chicken dinner with all the fixings.
When you purchase your tickets you will automatically receive a raffle ticket. We will be raffling off some great gifts. We are also having TWO silent auctions that will be running at the same time! One will be for special desserts and the other will be all sorts of stuff donated by our local businesses.
Bret and Pauline Gordon will be sharing what God has done in ther lives thru the Celebrate Recovery program. Bret is the West Coast Regional Director for Celebrate Recover on the Inside. He and Pauline are also the ministry leaders at New hope Celebrate Recovery in Clovis.
It is very simple to get your tickets just click the link below! We hope to see you there!

A Safe Place to Work on Your Hurts, Habits, and Hang ups

Celebrate Recovery at New Life Community Dinuba includes:

Dinner @ ………………………………………………….5:30 pm.
Large group worship, lesson/testimony @.6:30 pm.
Small break out groups @…………………………7:30 pm.
Solid Rock Cafe @ ……………………………………8:30 pm.

Newcomers 101 (for your first week only)
Participants are encouraged to invite their families and friends to the pre-meeting dinner. The dinner is designed for a time of connection with other Celebrate Recovery participants.

The large group meeting is designed for the participant to set aside the busyness and stress of the outside world. The group  enters into a time of prayer, praise, worship, and teaching as a way of getting in touch with the one and only Higher Power, Jesus Christ.

The "Open Share" small group meets immediately after the large group meeting and provides a place for the participant to connect with other Celebrate Recovery attendees. This is a safe place where participants can be in gender-specific groups and issue-specific groups.

Newcomers 101 is for first-time attendees and will help you better understand what Celebrate Recovery is all about. It will also provide you the opportunity to ask questions or process your feelings in a safe environment before you make a commitment to a small group.

After you’ve attended Celebrate Recovery for a while, you will join a step study. The step study small group is for those who are ready to delve deeper into their past and the choices they have made. This is where participants will see real, lasting changes start to happen. Step studies take place another night of the week.