News & Views Oct 6

"Trust in him at all times, you people;
pour out your hearts to him for God is our refuge."
Psalm 62:8

Adult "Welcome" Class (Colossians) - 8:45 A.M. - Rooms 114-115
Connecting Point - 9:30 A.M. - Dining Room
Worship  - 10:00 A.M. -  Family Center Gym and Online

featuring Brian Willems' testimony
Read ahead - Matthew 5:4, Hebrews 11:6, Psalm 30:8-12

NLC Kids  - 10:00 A.M. - Rooms 101,103

The Week Ahead

Tuesday, 12th
6-7 a.m.   Men's Bible Study group - Louie Giglio's "Acts of the Apostles" - Dining Room
Wednesday, 13th
6:30 p.m. NLC Prayer Gathering - all are welcome - Dining Room
Thursday, 14th
Open Gate Ministries' 47th Anniversary Dinner - Drive through pick up at church. Features a DVD or online link to an amazing video of testimonies and our Home Resource Center.
Sunday, 17th
Pastor Mark continues the series: "Road to Recovery" as a launch to Celebrate Recovery at NLC

So Many Serving...with Room for You!

I am so grateful when people tell me they're praying for our church. I do, too. My prayers for NLC have gotten much longer lately because we've become increasingly active in serving. That service is putting us in closer touch with people who are coming to Jesus. Their salvation and continuous transformation in Christ, like our own, is the most important thing we can pray for.
Here is a list of almost all of the ways NLC is engaged in this work and those who are leading. There is room for you, too, so add this prayer: "God, what do you want to do through me?"
Ace Overcomers: Helps people identify and overcome adverse childhood experiences. Leaders: Bruce Smith, Carol Enns, and Brian Willems
Celebrate Recovery: Set to begin in 2022 as a place for people to overcome habits, hurts, and hang-ups that keep them from living for Christ. Leader: Brian Willems.
Connecting Point: Coffee and refreshments served on Sunday mornings to welcome people and facilitate connections between them. Leader: Cindy Donaldson, with Moe Donaldson, Ron & Norma Froese, Greg & Jane Jantzen, Chris & Nora Reimche, and Ken & Martha Sawatzky.
Deacons: Serve and care for the NLC family through contacts, meals, funeral meals, a Benevolence fund, prayer, and Communion. Leaders: Stan & Ann Isaac, with Phyllis Kliewer, Nelly Lopez, Don & Janet Warkentin.
Decorating Team: Judy Brown and Laurel Smith lead the effort to create a welcoming and inspiring setting for worship and ministry.
Elders: Men who have been affirmed by the congregation and authorized by the Trustees as NLC's spiritual and ministry leaders alongside Pastor Mark:  John Regier, and Bruce Smith.
Faith & Finances: This course helps people with low income or limited financial training to flourish through Christ-centered financial stewardship.  Leaders: Ron & Norma Froese.
Good News Clubs (at Jefferson/Monson-Sultana). An after school evangelism/discipleship ministry under Child Evangelism Fellowship. Leader: Norma Froese with Tom Regier, Marcia Sawatzky, Martha Sawatzky, Geri Warkentin.
Grab & Go: Provides take-out meals to the church and community on the last Sunday of every month, which gives an opportunity to meet and pray for the needs of people in Dinuba. Leaders have included: Bruce & Laurel Smith, Ruth Serrato, Armando Zamora & Maty Ochoa. Janet Warkentin, the Reimche/Donaldson Life Group, and the Olea/Warkentin Life Group. Many others have helped to serve and pray with people.
Griefshare: A midweek ministry providing Christ-centered counseling and support for people dealing with loss. Leaders: Martha Sawatzky and John Regier.
Home Resource Center: Linking our physical and spiritual resources with the needs of families transitioning out of Open Gate as well as families with children identified through CarePortal. Leaders Carolyn Ehoff and Phyllis Enns. Helpers have included Moe Donaldson, Joe Ehoff, Kelly Friesen, Mark Isaac, Stan Isaac, Nelly Lopez, Leo Olea, Duane Penner, Tom Regier, Marcia Sawatzky, and John & Geri Warkentin.
Life Groups: Three Life Groups meeting regularly to provide people at NLC with opportunities to grow in their relationship with God and each other. Leaders: (1) Leo & Cece Olea with John & Geri Warkentin, (2) Moe & Cindy Donaldson and Chris & Nora Reimche, and (3) Bruce & Laurel Smith (young adults).
Life Lesson Classes: We've had several classes running lately and will see another begin soon. Leaders include: Don Braun, Ron Brown, Leroy Bumbaca, Laurie Isaac, Mark Isaac, John Regier, John Saubert, and Glen & Peggy Zimmerman.
Life Skills Class: Originally taught in partnership with Open Gate as part of their program, this course is now open to the community to provide training in personal, family, and general life. Leader: Cece Olea with Debbie Collazo.
L.I.F.T. Women's Bible Study: "Ladies in Fellowship Together"-a weekday morning Bible study and fellowship ministry for women. Leader: Loralee Kliewer, with the team of Judy Brown and Marcia Sawatzky.
Men's Bible Study: Early Tuesday morning Bible study for men. Leaders: Ken Sawatzky and John Regier.
Ministry Involvement Team: Coordinates connections between people and ministries.
Leaders: Bruce Smith and Stan Isaac, with representatives from ministry areas.
Missionaries: Ruddy & Cristina Ancheta (San Francisco), Otto & Marjorie Ekk (Portugal), John & Geri Ervin (global multi-media), and Bruce & Laurel Smith (YFC).
NLC Kids: Sunday morning Bible lessons, worship, and activities for kids pre-K to grade 6 focused on knowing God through his son Jesus. Staff leader Jessica Aquino. with teachers: Geri Warkentin, Martha Sawatzky, Kristel Salazar, Laurel Smith, and Elizabeth Heinrichs. Additional helpers: Natalee Carlin and Elizabeth Stucky. The Wacky Wednesday crew includes Beth Applegate and Aaliyah Costa-Olea.
Outward Focus Team: Coordinates outward focused ministries of NLC, including contact with our missionaries. Leaders include Cece Olea, Mark Isaac and John Warkentin (missions).
Personnel Team: Prays for, discerns, and invites people into ministry roles. Norma Froese leads the team of Sondra Burkhard and Carolyn Ehoff.
Pray & Go: A prayerwalking ministry with the goal of praying over every household in Dinuba over the period of 12 months. We have covered 667 homes since starting this summer. Leader: Nori Naylor. Prayerwalkers so far: Norma Froese, Mark & Laurie Isaac, Stan & Ann Isaac, Marcia Sawatzky, Bruce & Laurel Smith, John & Geri Warkentin, and the Young Adult Life Group.
Properties Team: Supports the Trustees in the care and maintenance of NLC property. Leaders: Dennis Enns and Eugene Enns.
Sharing Hands Pantry: Provides groceries and household supplies to NLC members in need.
Leaders: Stan & Ann Isaac, Elaine Isaak
Spanish translation: We've been working to make our Sunday morning worship experiences accessible to people for whom Spanish is their primary or only language. Sermons are translated and song lyrics provided in English and Spanish. Leaders: Maria Mejia-Ng, Christian Maldonado, and Don Warkentin.
Staff: Jessica Aquino (NLC Kids), Joe Ehoff (facilities), Kelly Friesen (on-call admin), Mark Isaac (lead), Elaine Isaak (business administrator), and Cece Olea (community strategies).
Stewardship Team: Responsible for church budgeting and other financial aspects of the church. Chuck Boldwyn leads a team with Kelly Friesen, Ron Froese, and Steve Isaak.
Technology and LiveStream: In order to present Sunday morning worship and provide it online there are several working behind the scenes on ProPresenter, the sound system, and livestreaming, including camera work and audio mixing. Participants include Aaliyah Costa-Olea, Elizabeth Heinrichs, Cece Olea, Yasmine Olea,  Tom Regier, Isaak Reimche, Al Salazar, Don Warkentin, John Warkentin.
Trustees: The official officers of our church who pray and work to lead our church and support the Elders in ministry. Chris Reimche leads the team of Chuck Boldwyn (treasurer), Dennis Enns and Joe Morgan (secretary).
Wednesday Prayer Gathering: Meets weekly to pray Scripture and God's leadership over our church's mission and ministries, the salvation of people in our community and around the world, and people's needs. Leaders: Stan & Ann Isaac.
Welcome Readiness Team: Coordinates the welcome and assimilation of new people into NLC, including Sunday morning greeters. Leader Sonya Morgan, with Joe Morgan, Nelly Lopez. Kimberly Enns, Leo and Cece Olea, Geri Warkentin, and Beth Applegate.
Women’s Ministries: Promotes ministry events and retreats for women. Leaders: Bonnie Sorber, Sondra Burkhard, Kimberly Enns, Sonya Morgan Laurel Smith, and Veronica Stalis.
Worship: Most of the musicians and worship leaders are already visible on Sunday mornings on the stage or livestream, but it's important to recognize them, too! Leaders: Chinoh Aquino, Henry Serrato, and Bruce Smith. Musicians have included: Beth Applegate and Aaliyah Costa-Olea (vocals) , Chinoh Aquino, Henry Serrato, and Bruce Smith (guitar/vocals, percussion), Jean Boldwyn and Phyllis Enns (keyboard), Pete & Kathy Dougherty (electric guitar and vocals), Al Salazar and Don Warkentin (percussion).
  • Praise the Lord that Hartland Christian Camp appears to be saved from the KNP Complex Fire! Pray for firefighters as they continue to battle this blaze along with the Windy Fire and other wildfires in the state and region. 
  • Thank the Lord for forecasted rain and snow in the area and in the mountains.
  • Marc Burkhard lost his step-father and a close friend this last week. Keep him in prayer along with others who have lost loved ones recently. 
  • Continue to lift people with ongoing health issues before the Lord: Glen Zimmerman, JR Southard, Mike Naylor, Marilyn Chappell, Bob Heinrichs, Brian Smith, and Galen Wiest and Travis Jost with Multiply. We rejoice at answered prayer, healing, and recovery for others as well.
  • Pray for Brian Willems as he prepares to share a portion of his testimony with us on Sunday. Brian is recovering from illness and is instrumental in launching Celebrate Recovery at NLC.
  • Remember our missionaries: Otto & Marjorie Ekk in Portugal, John & Geri Ervin in global work, Ruddy & Cristina Ancheta in San Francisco, Bruce & Laurel Smith with YFC in Kings and Tulare counties, and Tom Regier in aviation. Johnny & Denise Esposito are also in Thailand.
  • Pray over the list of ministries below, and ask God for his answer to this prayer, "God, what do you want to do through me?"
  • Pray for Open Gate Ministries and a successful fundraising dinner. 

Opportunities to Serve!

Click the Trunk or Treat box below to sign up, or call Laurie Isaac to host a trunk!
Click the box below to go to NLC's unique page in partnership with 
Operation Christmas Child. Help meet our goal of 30 boxes!
There is also a packing party at Dinuba Christian Church on Oct. 23.

Our Giving

Received Last Week (9/26):.…..$10,111
Received this year to date….$44,607
Budget to Date: …………......….. $42,597
Budget Goal: …………..…..........$443,008
Needed Weekly: ……….….....……$8,519

Mark Isaac


Phyllis Enns - October 6th, 2021 at 5:21pm

Moe Donaldson has also been a helper with the Resource Center.

Mark Isaac - October 6th, 2021 at 5:34pm

Thanks for catching that Phyllis! I added him to the list.