Celebrate Recovery Weekly Encouragement 2-9-23

One Day at a Time

Most of us don’t seek help until we realize that something is out of control in our lives. Sometimes another person realizes it for us, but either way, we come looking for help in an area that obviously needs attention. After we’ve been in recovery for a while, however, it becomes clear that flaws in our character may have been what got us into big trouble in the first place. If we don’t deal with them, they will keep us from living a life fully committed to Christ.

The bad news is that we all have these character flaws. No one is perfect. Maybe we are people pleasers, or we have anger issues. We might feel we have to spend money to feel good about ourselves, or we use food to stuff our emotions. We may have control issues. Whatever the case, these character flaws are always at the root of our big problems.

It’s important to acknowledge these character flaws and offer them to God. We start with the big issue, the one causing us the most pain, and
then we begin working on all the smaller areas God reveals to us. The process works because God is in it. All we need to do is acknowledge the need for change, offer ourselves to him, and then work alongside him while he works those things out in our lives.

This Week at Celebrate Recovery

This week Maria is coming all the way from Bakersfield to share what Jesus has done in her life! Maria is a faithful attendee of Celebrate Recovery and is a Liaison for Kern County Broken Chains!  Your not going to want to miss this testimony!
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Large Group/Testimony

This Saturday!

Join us on this Saturday at Rose Ann Vuich park in Dinuba. We will be sharing about Celebrate Recovery, praying for individuals that need pray and spreading the love of Jesus! Bring a lunch and join us!

Ace Overcomers!

Ace Overcomers is a program designed to help you overcome adverse childhood experiences! This is an awesome workshop and you will want to make time for this. It’s a two day event starting with dinner on Friday night. Continuing Saturday Until 3:45. Saturday breakfast and lunch our included with registration cost.

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Brian Willems

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Mark Isaac - February 8th, 2023 at 6:05pm

Hi Brian. I don't get comments on my blog much either, so here's to you! Thanks for putting this out every week and keeping us informed. Appreciate you and the seeing the fruit of Celebrate Recovery at NLC. I'll miss the picnic in the park. Have fun!