Celebrate Recovery Weekly Encouragement 2-16-23

Lord's Prayer

Rodney Holmstrom
Global Field Director
Celebrate Recovery
February 6, 2023

While reading this week in Matthew 6 I was struck by the order of the Lord’s Prayer in verses 12 and 13.
But, before that we need acknowledge His holiness in verse 9 “Hallowed be Your name...”
Then we see in verses 12 and 13, a directive to ask Him to forgive us, then lead us and finally, to deliver us.
Sounds like a pretty good order to me.
Remember, “The eye is a lamp of the body....if the eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness.“ What a great reminder to keep our eyes up and on Him today.
Acknowledge His holiness and then ask for forgiveness for anything unholy our eyes may have meditated on. What a great daily inventory practice.
May He lead us and deliver us as we seek Him.
Keep going! You’re doing great friends!
We love you & our team is praying for you.

This Week at Celebrate Recovery!

Lesson 4 Sanity!

As a result of admitting our powerlessness in Principle 1, we can move from chaos to hope in Principle 2. We talked about that in our last teaching session. Hope comes when we believe that a power greater than ourselves, our Higher Power, Jesus Christ, can and will restore us! Jesus can provide that power where we were powerless over our addictions and compulsive behaviors. He alone can restore order and meaning to our lives. He alone can restore us to sanity.

This Weekend Ace Overcomers!

Ace Overcomers is a program designed to help you overcome adverse childhood experiences! This is an awesome workshop and you will want to make time for this. It’s a two day event starting with dinner on Friday night. Continuing Saturday Until 3:45. Saturday breakfast and lunch our included with registration cost.
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Celebrate Recovery
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