NLC News November 2 2022

New Memory Verse for November


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6 (Made for Mission Sunday #1) - Communion Sunday
  • Video series on "ROMANS" in Room 111
9:30 a.m. CONNECTING POINT (Dining Room) and Connecting Point for Kids (Rm 101)
10 a.m.  WORSHIP - NLC Kids & The Crew (Jr/Sr High)
  • Andy Rotunno from Gleanings for the Hungry will be preaching 
  • Communion
5:30 p.m. LIFELINE Young Adult group

6:00 a.m. MEN'S BIBLE STUDY - 10 Commandments - Dining Room

8:00 a.m. NLC hosting Dinuba Chamber's GOOD MORNING, DINUBA! - Dining Room
2:10 p.m. GOOD NEWS CLUB - Jefferson Elementary
6:30 p.m. PRAYER GATHERING - Room 113

After school GOOD NEWS CLUB - Monson-Sultana School
5:30 p.m. CELEBRATE RECOVERY - Join us for DINNER - Dining room
6:30 p.m. CELEBRATE RECOVERY - Worship / Teaching / Small Groups
6:30 p.m. DAWNINGS Pregnancy Resource Center "Harvest of Hope" Banquet - Ridge Creek

VETERAN'S DAY HOLIDAY - Church office closed.

11:00 a.m. Private Family Gathering - Dining Room
4:30 p.m. DINUBA HS MADRIGALS Fundraising Dinner and Concert - Gym/Dining Room (tickets available at DHS Music Dept.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13 (Made for Mission Sunday #2) - Baptism Sunday
  • Video series on "ROMANS" in Room 111
9:30 a.m. CONNECTING POINT (Dining Room) and Connecting Point for Kids (Rm 101)
10 a.m.  WORSHIP - NLC Kids & The Crew (Jr/Sr High)
  • Cheryl Nicolay from Dawnings Pregnancy Resource Center speaking
  • Baptism and receiving new members:
5:30 p.m. LIFELINE Young Adult group 

November Mission Month Guest Speakers

Nov. 6 - Andy Rotunno from Gleanings for the Hungry, Dinuba
Nov. 13 - Cheryl Nicolay from Dawnings Pregnancy Resource Center, Dinuba
Nov. 20 - John & Geri Ervin from NLC's global mission agency, Multiply
Nov. 27 - Mark Romero from Youth for Christ Ignite Club, Dinuba HS
  • Praise God for over 600 people at our Family Fun Night, for several children who prayed to receive Jesus, and for an amazing evening filled with a positive, loving community spirit!
  • Please lift Carl Wohlgemuth in prayer. He lost Lavina, his wife of nearly 67 years of marriage.  Services are Friday, Nov. 4th, 11:00 a.m. at NLC's gym/dining room.
  • Remember also Ron Thiessen, grieving the loss of his wife, Edith.
  • Continue praying for JR, Eugene Enns, Glen & Peggy Zimmerman, Marilyn Chappell, and Chris Holmen (hospice). 
  • Steve Bryan's adult cousin, Melinda, was run over by a school bus and is still in the early stages of recovery from severe injuries.
  • Remember also Matt Naylor (Mike & Nori's son) dealing with his esophagus and stomach, JR's sister Cheryl, Mike Naylor, Carolina Corrales. Mae Ewert has been dealing with a rather painful case of shingles. Please keep her in prayer.
  • Pablo & Maricela Chavez and their sons (and dogs) will be leaving for Peru on November 7th, and Johnny & Denise Esposito are leaving for SE Asia soon.
  • John & Geri are still traveling as part of the final Ministry in North America "farewell tour" after 45 years of missionary, video, and church planting ministries.
  • Praise the Lord for 13 children at Monson-Sultana's Good News Club who gave their lives to Jesus this past week!
  • Pray for several pre-teens at NLC who are meeting to prepare for baptism on November 13th: Hannah Aquino, Samuel Aquino, Lydia Aquino, Naomi Aquino, Alyza Dover, and Aydien Becerra. Maria Gonzalez and two of her teenage children, Dulce and Victor Jr. will be joining NLC on the 13th as well.

Giving at NLC

Received Last Week (10/30).....$4,036
Received year to date....….......$63,583
Budget to Date………................$72,961
Budget Goal………........…........$421,553
Needed Weekly……....................$8,325

Made for Mission

God wouldn't call you to do something he wouldn't also empower you to do, right? When Jesus told his followers to go into all the world and make disciples he also gave this his authority to do so. They went out empowered to bring people into relationship with Jesus. This was the good work that God had intended for them to do, just as he intends for us to. And what God intends for us and calls us to do, he empowers us with his Spirit and the gifts we need to do it. God made us for mission!

I have so enjoyed spending time with Josh & Jessica Aquino in the NLC Kids ministry. It is quite apparent they are empowered by God for such ministry among us, blessing children, teaching them, and leading them to Jesus. Over the last three weeks I have been privileged to join them in teaching a group of preteens about baptism in preparation for Sunday, November 13th. It was a joy to see Jessica handle questions from the class in ways so appropriate and helpful to them. When one asked if we actually drowned people in baptism (and brought them to life again), I started to give an answer about the symbolism of dying with Christ. Jessica interjected a simple, "No, we don't drown anybody," and then went on to remind them about symbolism. Super helpful! Gifted, even. I'm glad she's pastoring our kids.

One of the things you'll see on November 13th is various people participating in baptizing these preteens. I asked them who they would like to baptize them and they chose. There will be two of us baptizing each one. You'll see me baptizing, but others will be baptizing, too: Josh, Jessica, Pastor Steve, and Al Salazar, who is one of the boy's football coach. Remember, Jesus gave all of his followers the same authority to make disciples, baptize, and teach. I'm glad to join God in empowering his people to do what he's called them to do.

God has called us each and all to mission, to be his representatives of the Good News of Jesus wherever we are. Take courage and trust God's Holy Spirit to empower you to do what he's called you to do, to speak to others, to serve, and to lead. Enjoy the speakers this month and take the time to ask God what it is that he wants you to do for the sake of the Gospel. Then trust him to give you what you need to accomplish it for his glory.

Family Fun Night Fotos

Thanks to all who participated, brought candy, or helped to make it a great evening!

Otto Ekk

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