Celebrate Recovery Weekly Encouragement 12-29-22

Celebrate Recovery Weekly Encouragement. 
Course Correction

Most of us tend to think that we have a lot of control over our lives. But the reality is that what we truly have control over is a pretty short list. Take just a moment to think about it—the only things we can control are our choices and our reactions. In so many ways we are powerless, but we do have the ability to make course corrections in our choices and reactions along the way. We need to ask ourselves these probing questions:

• Do I see myself heading down a road that won’t end well for me? Course correction.
• Am I tempted to do something I know is wrong? Course correction.
• Have I seen myself react in an inappropriate way? Course correction.
• Am I aware of certain relationships that aren’t good for me? Course correction.
• Am I involved in a situation that I know could lead to disaster? Course correction.

It’s true that we don’t have much control over our lives. It’s better just to acknowledge that. But we do have the power to correct our course and change the situation we’re in. We have the power to call someone for support, pray over the situation, make adjustments when necessary. When we hear ourselves say, “I don’t have a choice,” we should think twice. We always have a choice. We may not make the right one or react the right way every time, but we have the ability, with God’s power, to change things in our lives.

This coming Thursday 12-29-22

This Thursday Larry will be sharing how God has carried him thru some tremendous trials in his life. We all long to see those modern day miracles, please join us..
Last Thursday of the month is chip night!  We will be celebrating various lengths of time in recovery.
Dinner 5:30
Worship and testimony 6:30 
Brian Willems CADC 1
Ministry Leader
Celebrate Recovery
New Life Community Dinuba

Brian Willems

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