Celebrate Recovery Weekly Encouragement 10-25-23

The Strength in Stillness

Scripture: Psalm 46:10 (NIV)
"Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!”

Spending time with God means allowing Him to speak and guide us. He can do amazing things if we allow Him to rule our lives. Society may demand us to be always on the go, moving from one task to another, but this verse tells us the opposite. God calls us to slow down instead.

"Be still and know that I am God."

When was the last time you were really still? Not only in your body but also in your mind? It's very simple to lose ourselves in the busyness and stress of the day and forget about God's peace and presence. He tells us in these words to take a moment to be still, think, and recognize that He is God.

Realizing that God is in charge of everything is important for finding peace within ourselves, no matter what. This doesn't mean doing nothing; it means giving Him our worries and plans and believing that, as our all-knowing Father, He will take care of everything.

The noise of everyday life can sometimes drown out God's words. So, it's important to spend time with Him alone, in silence, with an open heart, and to focus on what He says, what He does, His love, and what He gives up. Stand still and know that He rules your life.

So, let's lift Him up above our problems, our fears, and our situations. We should set aside time every day to block out the noise and listen for His voice. Because when it's quiet, we don't just know God; we understand Him better, feel Him stronger, and have a divine connection with Him.

Father, help my heart to be still in the middle of all the chaos. Help me believe that You are in charge, rest in Your peace, and know what You want me to do. Help me know You better more than anything else, and put You above everything else in my life. Father continue to mold me and make me into the men/woman of God that you want me to be. In Jesus name, amen.

 Brian Willems CADC 1
 Ministry Leader
 Celebrate Recovery
 New Life Community Dinuba

This Week at Celebrate Recovery
Lesson 23 Gratitude

Here is an excerpt from this weeks lesson:
As we continue our journey, we grow in our conscious contact with God and He begins to unfold in our lives. And, as we begin to grow in our understanding of Him, we begin to live out the decision we made in Principle 3. We keep walking now, in peace, as we maintain inventories on a regular basis and as we continue to deepen our relationship with Christ.

Save The Date
November 4th Sanger

Celebrate Recovery NLC and Broken Chains will be handing out Narcan at this event!
We will have a tent set up and would like as many volunteers that we can get to come out and share the love, grace and mercy of Jesus!  

Almost sold out!
This next Sunday please stop in and get some!

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