Celebrate Recovery Weekly Encouragement 11-1-23

Last week we talked about being still and spending time with God. This week what do we do during that time? How can we actively listen to God?

Actively Listening to God:
Proverbs 2:1–5 tells us to accept God's words and orders with all our hearts and store them in our minds. This means that we should value God's Word as the source of our knowledge and direction in life. We are ready to receive insight, understanding, and the knowledge of God when we open our ears to wisdom and our hearts to understanding.

Actively listening to God takes work and a desire to find him. We should seek the Lord's knowledge and understanding with all our hearts, just like people look for valuable treasures. When we talk to God, we should have a humble heart and ask for insight and understanding out loud. We should also be open and ready to receive His direction.

To actively listen to God, we can do many spiritual things, like praying, journaling, meditating on the Bible, and gathering with other people to worship and fellowship. All of these things help us calm our minds and listen for the word of our Father.

If we really want to know what God wants, let's listen to Him and get close to Him. By doing this on purpose, we will learn more about God and grow closer to Him.

Reflection: Take a moment to think about how you listen to God every day. Are there some things you think you could do better? How can you make a stronger link with God through spiritual practices or habits that you can do every day? So you can actively listen to God's words in your life, how can you make stillness and quiet a priority? Making a promise to actively listen to God more often should be accompanied by prayer and seeking His direction.

Prayer: "Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for giving me Your Word and the chance to get to know You." Please help me put listening to Your voice ahead of all the other things going on in my life. Make me want to learn more about You and Your ways, and show me how to do spiritual things that bring me closer to You. My heart and ears should be open to receive Your direction. May I learn more about Your truth. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

 Brian Willems CADC 1
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This Week at Celebrate Recovery

Christine comes to use from Tulare CA where she has been attending Celebrate Recovery for almost two years. She is also a regular attendee of CR NLC and is an active member of Broken Chains JC. You will not want to miss her God story this week! 

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