News & Views Sept 30

"Trust in him at all times, you people;
pour out your hearts to him for God is our refuge."
Psalm 62:8

Adult "Voyagers" Class (Philippians) - 8:45 A.M. - Room 113
Adult "Welcome" Class (Colossians) - 8:45 A.M. - Rooms 114-115
Connecting Point - 9:30 A.M. - Dining Room
Worship  - 10:00 A.M. -  Family Center Gym and Online
Pastor Mark begins the series: ROAD TO RECOVERY
Read ahead - Matthew 5:3, Romans 7:14-25
NLC Kids  - 10:00 A.M. - Rooms 101,103
Communion served at the close of the service.
All are welcome who acknowledge Jesus Christ as God's Son and our Savior.

The Week Ahead

Tuesday, 5th
6-7 a.m.   Men's Bible Study group - Louie Giglio's "Acts of the Apostles" - Dining Room
9 a.m.  LIFT Women's Bible Study - Angie Smith's "Seamless" - Rooms 114-115  
Wednesday, 6th
6:30 p.m. NLC Prayer Gathering - all are welcome - Dining Room
Sunday, 10th
Pastor Mark continues the series: "Road to Recovery" as a launch to Celebrate Recovery at NLC

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Family Fun Night's coming soon!

New Church Directory Available

Copies of a new print directory for 2021 are available for NLC members and regular attenders on the "Next Steps" table and on the table near the south bulletin board .  
Please forward any changes to the church office for incorporation into the next update.
Reminder: NLC has an online directory for Apple, PC, and Android devices.
The app gives you can access to church members and attenders on your smartphone or home computer. You can search for people, dial with a click, view your giving, or find directions through its embedded Google Map feature. Access is easy through the apps.
Just email the church office to get an invitation sent to you.

God Moves His People Outward

I was so grateful to have Chinoh preach Sunday and was encouraged by his message, the final one in our series from Acts, for now. It was a powerful witness of God's desire to move His people outward toward others with the Gospel. What made the message come through so powerfully was Chinoh's authenticity. From the very start of his ministry training he was sent out onto the streets and into prisons to share the Gospel. That training remains core to his life as a follower of Jesus today.
On Tuesday morning the men's Bible study reviewed the very same passages from Acts through Louie Giglio's video series on RightNow Media. He urged us toward evangelism with the same message from Acts: God moves His people outward toward others. He asked a question I put to you: "How will you let God move you outward with his Gospel message?" Here are some suggestions that fit our church's vision and mission for Dinuba:
1. Move outward when you're in church. If you find yourself going to someone you know to ask about someone you don't know in church, then recognize your need for transformation. Instead of going to a friend, go to the new person and introduce yourself: "Hi, I'm ____. We haven't met. What's your name? Are you new to the church?" And if someone you know asks you who that new person is, simply say, "Let's go meet them together." You could also let Sonya Morgan know you'd be willing to join the Welcome Team on a Sunday morning where you can hone the skill.
2. Move outward in prayer. Most of us have pretty short prayer lists: our family and friends, our church, our missionaries, and the occasional disaster, election, or weather-related situation. It's a bit more difficult to pray for people we don't know or neighbors we've never talked to. That's why Pray and Go is such a great opportunity at New Life Community. With a phone call to Nori Naylor or just catching her in church, you'll be given a street to walk and some simple instructions to pray over the households on that street. Laurie and I can witness to the effect it has had on us--we drive by that street with a new set of eyes and a heart for others. You might start by asking Nori to prepare you to walk and pray over your own neighborhood.
3. Learn to appreciate the stories of others' lives. When Peter arrived at Cornelius' home in Acts 10-11, he discovered that Cornelius and his household were truly God-fearing people. It wasn't hard for him, then, to share what he knew about Jesus and lead them all to salvation. Because we, like Peter, live almost entirely in our own cultural bubbles we tend to develop ideas and perceptions about others who aren't like ourselves. Xenophobia, fear of people who are different from us, is a natural human condition that can be transformed through Jesus, who left heaven to become like us. Take an interest in the lives of others, read about or ask about their faith. If you tend to refer to people who are different than you as a group (Muslims, Indians, Blacks, Mexicans, old people, etc.) then recognize your need to move toward others. Learn to know someone closely enough to refer to them by name. You'll find your appreciation rising!
4. Serve others. On almost every online self-help list for overcoming depression or stress-related conditions is the advice to serve others. Volunteer. Help out. Doing something for other people isn't just a matter of obedience to the Lord, it's truly good for us. I'm pretty sure God already knew that. If you lack joy, serve. If you're lonely, join others in volunteering. There are opportunities this month including Grab and Go Meals, the Family Fun Night trunk-or-treat event, or serving the Open Gate's dinner on October 14th. And when you serve, be sure to look someone you don't know in the eye, smile, and say, "Hi. God bless you." That's exactly the way God blesses us--by moving us outward to them in his name.

NLC Home Resource Center

Our church's Home Resource Center is in need of donations of furniture, kitchen items,
good linens, towels and quilts/blankets, or cash.

Please contact Phyllis Enns to participate/contribute.

On Monday evening we furnished a 3-bedroom home in Hanford for an 11-member family that had come through Open Gate Ministries' shelter. A queen bed and four twin beds (2 sets of bunk beds) were delivered to fill out the family's need, along with bedding and pillows, kitchen supplies, pots and pans, night stands, a dresser and mirror, and NLC's signature gift of household essentials. A large dining table that extended with two leaves and included a bench for seating along with 6 chairs were the perfect fit for this family, too! Praise the Lord!
  • Pray for individuals, couples, and families with children who are benefiting from the ministry of Open Gate's shelter. Praise God for housing and furnishings, and ask him to guide them into continuing growth as followers of Jesus.
  • Bob Sorber, Sr.'s sister, Jeanie, passed away in Georgia this week. Bob lost a brother and a sister-in-law earlier this year. 
  • Remember JR Southard who lost his brother, Richard, last week, and Sonya Morgan, Leo Olea, and Joyce & Duane Penner, Saphira and Blake, who have also lost loved ones recently.
  • Pray for Tim and Lyubov Heinrichs, who are recovering at home after long hospitalizations for COVID. There are other family and friends of NLC who are battling COVID infections as well as other illnesses currently.  
  • Continue to lift people with ongoing health issues before the Lord: Glen Zimmerman, JR Southard, Mike Naylor, Marilyn Chappell, Bob Heinrichs, Brian Smith, and Galen Wiest and Travis Jost with Multiply.
  • Praise the Lord that Veronica Stalis' community sewing group enthusiastically accepted her suggestion to sew dresses for Dress-a-Girl! They're starting off with six dress kits.
  • NLC hosted a prayer booth at Raisin Harvest Festival last week. Many people recognized our new church name and were open to prayer and the Gospel. Thank the Lord for people moving in our people to go out to the park.
  • We gave out every one of over 220 meals last Sunday in our Grab & Go Meal ministry! Thank God for Ruth Serrato who happily stepped in to cover for the woman who was unable to lead the kitchen team as she had hoped.

Our Giving

Received Last Week (9/26):….........$8,802
Received this year to date….....… $34,495
Budget to Date: ………….......….. $34,077
Budget Goal: …………..…..............$443,008
Needed Weekly: ……….…...........……$8,519

Mark Isaac


Peggy Z - September 30th, 2021 at 12:16pm

Glen and I were also encouraged by Chinoh’s message last Sunday. We talked to others who were as well. He’s has a gift.

Cindy Dobaldson - September 30th, 2021 at 7:42pm

Yes...Chinoh does have a "gift" for teaching/preaching. May the Lord continue to lead, guide and use him and Jessica.